No Han Cambiado – Morad

No Han Cambiado” (translation: They haven’t changed) is the name of the Morad’s new song released on Nov 3, 2023. The song along with its rhythm easily enters and remains in the minds of the listeners. The listens to the song are proof of this.

The Story in the Morad’s “No Han Cambiado”

In the track “No Han Cambiado,” by Morad, the lyrics delve into a steadfast lifestyle and mindset that refuses to waver. The song vividly portrays individuals immersed in illicit activities like car theft, brawls, and drug trafficking. With a blatant disregard for the law, these characters stop at nothing to accumulate fast cash.

The lyrics underscore the significance of loyalty and respect, especially within the context of family bonds. There’s a poignant warning embedded in the narrative, cautioning against crossing boundaries or showing disrespect to someone’s family, as it carries the potential for dire consequences. Morad weaves a tale that not only captures the gritty reality of a certain lifestyle but also serves as a cautionary tale about the repercussions of disregarding the values of loyalty and familial respect.

In Morad’s “No Han Cambiado,” he vividly describes characters donned in latex gloves and wielding a stash of chocolate, all driven by a pursuit of wealth and power. Rooted in the artist’s background and his grandfather’s teachings, the repeated phrase “no han cambiado” (they haven’t changed) underscores the enduring commitment of these individuals to their entrenched ways. Morad’s composition cleverly merges personal experience and familial wisdom, offering a concise yet profound commentary on the persistent nature of certain character traits.

Great Success Of The “No Han Cambiado” By Morad In The First Week

In less than 4 days, the song “No Han Cambiado” by Morad had more than 1 million views on YouTube, Spotify, and all other music platforms.

The famous rapper Morad had a great start to November (2023). It’s only the fourth day of the month, and his rich discography continues to be replenished. In the past month (October), he released three songs. One of them is the remix of the song “No Estuviste En Lo Malo” together with Beny Jr and Dellafuente.

During the promotion of the new song “No han Cambiado”, Morad sent a message to his fans on his Instagram profile. He thinks that this song is just a warm-up until he starts playing on the big field.

Briefly on Morad

The origins of this Spanish rapper, who has Moroccan heritage, trace back to his school days. However, his professional career took off with the release of the album “M.D.L.R” in 2019.

Morad’s career has experienced significant growth in the past few months, with his songs becoming prominent in various discotheques and on social networks. The demand for Morad’s performances and concerts has surged, leading him to tour numerous European countries. Remarkably, despite being only 24 years old, Morad’s career is still in its early stages.

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