Kuku$ and Buntai Reunite for a New Song

The two Croatian bands, Kuku$ and Buntai, have joined forces once again for their third collaboration titled “Popstar”. The song, along with its music video, was officially released on 08/09/2023, just a few hours after becoming available on various music streaming platforms.

Their previous joint song, “Rockstar“, was released three years ago and has garnered over 3 million views, making it their most famous collaboration to date.

Photo taken from the Instagram profile of Kukus.tv

Kuku$, comprised of Hiljson Mandela, Goca R.I.P., and Iso Miki, have been a part of the music scene for a decade. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, they released the album “X”, with Hiljson and Goca as the primary vocalists and Iso Miki serving as both the producer and occasionally a vocalist on some tracks.

Kuku$ have collaborated with a number of renowned artists, including Fox, Surreal, and the Macedonian Donplaya.

Buntai is another Croatian band known for their three studio albums and several singles. “Popstar” features members Dipsi and Yung Bude from this band.

The song “Popstar” features lyrics written by the artists themselves, who also provide the vocals. Audio-mixing and mastering were handled by Lockroom, who served as a producer alongside Traposlavia.

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