Wu-Tang Clan Members Real Names

Everyone knows RZA, GZA, Raekwon, and many other Wu-Tang Clan members, but what about the Wu-Tang Clan members’ real names? Every Wu-Thang Clan member has more than one stage name they went by in their career, and for most of them, we know their stage names but not their real names.

With the recent rise in popularity of Wu-Tang: An American Saga TV show and the newly launched Vegas residency, there is a newfound interest in hip-hop legends.

The legendary hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan is known for its groundbreaking album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)“, which has long kept the members’ identities shrouded in mystery.

Let’s discover the Wu-Tang Clan members’ real names now.

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, AKA RZA

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs is the actual name of the founding member RZA. He went by various names throughout his career, such as Bobby Digital, Prince Rakeem, Zig-Zag-Zig Alah, and Bobby Dynamite.

Garry Rice, AKA GZA

Garry Rice is another founding group member, and he is more recognizable by his stage name GZA. Gery goes by the name The Genius as well.

Russell Tyrone Jones, AKA Dirty Bastard (ODB)

Last but certainly not least, Russell Tyrone Jones. He also followed the more recognizable alias Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB). He is a founding group member, along with RZA and GZA. Unfortunately, legal troubles overshadowed his musical success. Jones died on November 13, 2024, from a drug overdose. Russel was probably the member of Wu-Tang that used most different stage names. He used aliases: Ason Unique, Dirt McGirt, Joe Bananas, The Specialist, Dirt Dog, Osirus, Big Baby Jesus, Old Dirty, and Chinese Restaurant.

Jason Richard Hunter, AKA Inspectah Deck

Jason Richard Hunter is the actual name of Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck. He showcases his production skills in addition to vocals and lyrics. Jason was also a member of Czarface. He also used Rollie Fingers, Rebel Ins, and Fifth Brother as stage names.

Lamont Jody Hawkins, AKA U-God

U-God is the stage name of Lamont Jody Hawkins original member of the Wu-Tang Clan collective. He has been part of the group since its establishment. U-God is short for Universal-God, another stage name Lamont used. He is also known as Golden Arms.

Dennis David Coles, AKA Ghostface Killah

Dennis David Coles is the actual name of Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah. He also went by stage names Toney Starks and D-Love. Coles was RZA’s roommate, and he played a crucial role in uniting the seven members of the collective.

Clifford Smith, Jr., AKA Method Man

If you know his stage name, there is no need for a special introduction for Clifford Smith, Jr. Smith is better known as Method Man. Hi is a rapper but also an actor and record producer. To this day, Clifford was one of the most prominent collective members. He also performed under stage names Johnny Blaze, Tical, Shakwon, and Shotgun.

Corey Woods, AKA Raekwon

Corey Woods is the name of the Wu-Tang founder, who is widely known as Raekwon. While he gained fame as one of the original members of the Wu-Tang Clan, many consider his solo album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…” one of the best hip-hop albums ever. He performed under The Chef, Shallah Raekwon, and Lex Diamonds.

Jamiel Irief, AKA Noodles, High Chief, And Masta Killa

Noodles, High Chief, and Masta Killa are the Wu-Tang stage names of American rapper Jamiel Irief. He is among the less-recognized members of the group. However, Jamiel appeared on one track on Wu-Tang’s first album.

Darryl Hill, AKA Cappadonna

Darryl Hill is the actual name of an American rapper known as Cappadonna. He was supposed to join the Wu-Tang Clan as an original member. Unfortunately for him, but from this time perspective, which was great for the collective, he went to prison, and in his place, Method Man joined. Fans and the collective considered him as the unofficial tenth member. Later RZA clarified all misconceptions affirming that Darryl has been a Group member since 8 Diagrams.

What Does Wu-Tang Clan Means?

We unveiled the Wu-Tang Clan members’ real names in the previous chapters. But what’s the meaning of the group name? The origin of Wu-Tang Clan was named after the martial arts film “Shaolin and Wu Tang,” released in 1983. This name was more than a homage. It became a canvas for creativity, with each letter spawning unique “backronyms” like “Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game” and “Wisdom of the Universe, and the Truth of Allah for the Nation of the Gods.” Chosen for its powerful symbolism of strength and spirituality, “Wu-Tang” reflects the group’s fusion of Eastern mystique and Western hip-hop culture. Led by the visionary RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan transformed their name into a legacy, embodying resilience and raw talent across cultures.

Is Wu-Tang Clan Going on Tour Soon?

There is no announcement about a new tour by the American hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. However, the collective announced their plan to perform a residency at the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Theater. The organizers have already announced four concerts, and there is hope that more shows are coming.
WU-Tang Clan will hold the first two concerts on February 9, 2024, and February 10, 2024, followed by additional concerts on March 22 and 23 in Las Vegas.

Also, they will perform at the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC, on April 19, 2024.

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets are available on Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats.

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