Extended Edition of Baby Gang’s “Innocente”

An extended (deluxe) edition of Baby Gang‘s album “Innocente” has made a surprise appearance with minimal prior announcement. This expanded album includes a total of 21 songs, featuring 7 new tracks, in addition to the remix of the existing song “Napoletano“. The release of the deluxe album “Innocente” also introduced two brand new music videos.

“Seconda Generazione” and “Mocro Mafia”

The songs “Seconda Generazione” and “Mocro Mafia” are the only songs from the deluxe version of the album that have their own video.

Baby Gang unveiled the first track from the album on his YouTube channel, titled “Seconda Generazione”. This song, accompanied by a music video, was released on 06/10/2023, just a few days before the complete launch of the extended album. Impressively, within a week, the song has amassed nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

The song “Mocro Mafia” is a collaborative effort, featuring French rapper Maes as a guest artist alongside Baby Gang. This isn’t Baby Gang’s initial experience collaborating with a French artist.

The song starts with Maes leading both the introduction and the chorus with his vocals. In the latter part of the song, often referred to as the second verse, Baby Gang takes the spotlight. It’s worth noting that part of his lyrics is in French, even though it’s not his native language.

Similar to the other tracks from the album “Innocente,” this song also comes with a music video. The video maintains the distinct style and aesthetics characteristic of Baby Gang’s previous videos.

The Remaining Songs from the Album

The remaining six songs from the album were officially launched on 13/10/2023. They are readily accessible on Baby Gang’s YouTube channel as well as various music streaming platforms. Notably, with the exception of “Seconda Generazione” and “Schumacher,” all the other tracks on the album involve collaborations with other artists.

The third track on the album, “Libertad,” is a joint effort between Baby Gang and the renowned Spanish artist Morad. This isn’t their first collaboration; their earlier song “Casablanca” has garnered nearly 70 million streams on Spotify.

Simba La Rue and Baby Gang, who previously collaborated on the song “Banlieue,” reunite in the new track “Bentley” from the album “Innocente.” However, in this song, they are joined by Italian artist J Lord. The album also features the renowned rapper Jul, who was born in France and holds the record for the most albums sold.

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