Japan Guitar Shop: Debut Album “Done You Right”

Japan Guitar Shop - Done You Right / album cover

Japan Guitar Shop: Crafting a global melody with the debut album “Done You Right.”

The Japan Guitar Shop (JGS) collaborates harmoniously with the city’s cultural landscape in the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This multinational band, consisting of Cove Aaronoff (singer and guitarist) [Virgin Islands], Colin Hodgkins (bass player and rapper) [US], Ricky Haldemann (drums) [Switzerland], Francesco Scarfone (guitar) [Italy], and Felix McFadden (keys) [France], has curated a unique blend of blues, rock, and hip-hop. The following paragraphs delve into the origin, musical palette, and the much-anticipated debut album, “Done You Right.”

Origins and Musical Influences of the Japan Guitar Shop

Founded on a shared love for music and fueled by diverse cultural backgrounds, the Band draws inspiration from an eclectic array of artists such as Deer Tick, Lucinda Williams, The Roots, The Band, and Tom Waits. This synthesis of influences contributes to the band’s distinctive sound, making them a noteworthy addition to the dynamic Cambodian music scene.

Musical Palette and Creative Approach

Japan Guitar Shop band - cassette
Japan Guitar Shop’s NFT

Japan Guitar Shop distinguishes itself with an impressive repertoire of original compositions, meticulously crafted over the past year. Intertwining their fresh creations with Cove Aaronoff’s earlier works, the band brings a fusion of nostalgia and innovation to their performances. Embracing a laid-back ethos, they whimsically describe themselves as a “multinational blues, rock, and hip-hop band that plays in their socks when they don’t have time to find their shoes.”

Japan Guitar Shop’s Debut Album Unveiling

The excitement peaks as the Band unveils its inaugural album, “Done You Right,” scheduled for release on February 29th, 2024. This debut promises an auditory exploration, seamlessly blending blues, rock, soul, and hip-hop influences. The band invites listeners graciously, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the album’s musical craftsmanship.

In 2023 the band released three singles “Panic,” “Woke up this Morning,” and “Last Dance”. The single “Last Dance” will be part of their debut album.

A Message to Aspiring Musicians

For budding musicians and enthusiasts alike, Japan Guitar Shop’s journey is an inspirational tale of artistic collaboration and cultural harmony. The band’s debut album symbolizes the culmination of dedication, diverse influences, and a commitment to the art of music. Budding musicians gain insights, exploring genres to craft a unique sound inspired by Japan Guitar Shop’s approach.


Japan Guitar Shop shines as a creative beacon for beginners and music enthusiasts, blending diverse influences with cross-cultural resonance. Experience the harmonious blend of blues, rock, and hip-hop in the upcoming “Done You Right”. The band invites appreciation, ready to leave a mark on the global music scene with its musical prowess.

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