Pearl Jam’s New Album “Dark Matter” Coming Out on April 19

Exciting news: Seattle giants Pearl Jam will release their new album, “Dark Matter,” on April 19, 2024. Almost four years have passed since the band released its last album, Gigaton. Since 2009, Monkeywrench Records has released Pearl Jam albums, which will also be the case this time. Pearl Jam announced the “Dark Matter” promotional tour in February 2024 and has already sold out most tickets.

The band recorded “Dark Matter” in just three weeks; the new album was recorded in Shangri-La studio in California. The group worked with producer Andrew Watt. The thirty-three-year-old has produced albums for The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and Ozzy Osborne. Watt is part of Eddie Vedder’s solo performance backing band. He already produced Vedder’s album, “Earthling.”

We’ve gotten used to a lighter sound in the last few releases. The new album will be much heavier.

“New Pearl Jam album is a lot heavier then you’d expect.”

Claims Peral Jam guitarist Mike McCready in a recent interview for Revolver Magazine.

The album’s song list is already out, so we know there are eleven songs. The band has released two singles from the album, “Dark Matter” and “Running.”

“Dark Matter” Cover

Artist Alexandr Gnezdilov created the album cover. He used light painting and a giant kaleidoscope he made himself.

The album’s packaging features light painting art by Alexandr Gnezdilov. The album cover art was crafted using a large self-made kaleidoscope. Each letter visible on the cover was individually captured and handwritten midair with a specially designed flashlight to create the pearlescent effect.


Full Tracklist of the Album “Dark Matter”

1Scared of Fear
2React, Respond
4Dark Matter ?
5Won’t Tell
6Upper Hand
7Waiting for Stevie
8Running ?️
9Something Special
10Got to Give
11Setting Sun
Released as singles on ? February 13, 2024, ?️ March 22, 2024

Where Can I Buy the Album?

Fans can expect the album to be released on all popular streaming services. For those who prefer the CD or Vinyl editions, Amazon will offer “Dark Matter” for purchase.

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