Spotify Will Raise Subscriptions for Premium, Family and Duo

One of the premium music services, Spotify, will soon raise subscription prices. Price changes are coming in phases separated by region. By the end of April 2024, higher prices will affect subscribers in Australia, Pakistan, and the UK. Changes are coming with a few perks, and a new highest subscription tier will replace Premium. The new “Superpremium” plan will include high-fidelity audio.

Anonymous sources for Bloomberg claim that higher prices will skip the US for now, but come later this year. Spotify subscription price change is an effort to increase revenue. Recently, other streaming services announced similar price changes. Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney Plus have already raised prices or announced new ads-supported subscriptions.

In Australia, Pakistan, and the UK, Spotify subscription prices will rise by $1 in April. The changes will be higher for family and duo plans, and subscribers with those packages will pay $2 more. But, not all is bad. There is an announcement for the new subscription tier. The company will offer a new $11 basic plan for music and podcast fans. This tier will exclude the audiobook section, however, users must pay for the books.

For Spotify Premium users who want more, a new subscription is coming, the “Supremium.” We still need to determine what the subscription will include, as well as the cost. Rumors suggest that it will feature high-fidelity audio, which hardcore music fans must add.

In November 2023, Spotify’s monetization model was changed for musicians. The Swedish company pays around 70% of its revenue as royalties to the music industry.

Spotify Offer in the US

Current Spotify offers in the US include a $10.99 monthly subscription for the individual Premium plan, a Duo plan with 2 Premium accounts for $14.99, and a Family plan for $16.99. There is also a Premium plan for Students that costs $5.99. Of course, Spotify has a free plan too, but with some limitations.

What Does Spotify Premium Offer

You can, of course, enjoy music on a free or premium plan, but there are few perks for a Premium subscription.

Spotify FreeSpotify Premium
Ad-free music✔️
Download music✔️
Play songs in any order✔️
High audio quality✔️
Listen with friends✔️
Organize listening queue✔️

Some additional perks include access to audiobooks or Hulu for a Student subscription.

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