Eurovision 2024: Balkan Status in March 2024

The Eurovision 2024 is coming soon. We will have a chance to watch the three-day show in May. The first semi-finals are on May 7 and May 9. The final is on Saturday, May 11, 2024. After we wrote about the status of the Balkan countries in November 2023, we made a follow-up with this article. Read which countries from the Balkan Peninsula will attend the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, who the artists are, and where you can buy tickets for the final night.

Who Аre the Balkan Participants in Eurovision 2024?

At Eurovision 2024 in Malmö, Sweden, five Balkan countries will perform: Albania, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, and Slovenia. Due to money issues, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Romania, Kosovo, Turkey and Montenegro won’t join. It is a pity that not all countries from the Balkan Peninsula will attend the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, but still, the fans should expect an exciting event even without these countries.

Which Artists Will Represent the Balkan Countries?

Here’s a list of artists representing Balkan countries at Eurovision 2024, including their song titles and YouTube links where available:

Country👩‍🎤Artist🎵Song Title
CroatiaBaby LasagnaRim Tim Tagi Dim
GreeceMarina SattiZari
SerbiaTeya DoraRamonda

Albania at Eurovision 2024

Besa Kokëdhima, or Besa, will sing for Albania at Eurovision 2024 in Malmö. Her song, “Titan,” was chosen by people’s vote in Albania’s music contest, Festivali i Këngës. Besa has been making music since 2003 and has many popular songs in Albania. She participated in the 2009 Eurovision in Romania and won a big music contest in Albania in 2013. “Titan” is a particular version of her original song “Zemrën n’dorë,” she will sing it in English at Eurovision. Besa will perform in the first half of the second semi-final.

Croatia at Eurovision 2024

Croatia’s representative for Eurovision 2024 is Baby Lasagna with the song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.” This unique entry was selected through the Dora 2024 competition. The song’s playful lyrics reflect a lighthearted farewell, embracing change and the journey ahead with a danceable beat.

Greece at Eurovision 2024

Marina Satti, representing Greece at Eurovision 2024, is known for her unique blend of Greek, Arabic, and Balkan musical styles easily recognizable in “Zari.” Born in Athens and raised in Crete, she studied music from a young age. She gained fame with her 2017 hit “Mantissa.” Marina also founded the all-female acapella group Fonés and explores world music through various projects. Her Eurovision song “Zari” showcases her diverse influences and musical innovation.

Serbia at Eurovision 2024

Teya Dora will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2024 with the song “Ramonda,” inspired by a resilient flower native to Serbia. This song symbolizes survival and revival, echoing the strength of the Serbian Army during World War I.

Slovenia at Eurovision 2024

Raiven will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision 2024 with her song “Veronika.” Raiven is a talented mezzo-soprano singer, songwriter, and harpist known for her unique artistry. “Veronika” is intriguing, showcasing Raiven’s distinctive style and musical depth.

Where Can I Purchase Tickets?

For the final night, May 11, you can purchase a pass on See Tickets.

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