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ANEMOI Is the First Single of “Vibin wit DJ Mono”

The Montenegrin project Vibin wit DJ Mono will present their first single ANEMOI. The publisher of the single is Beats per Montenegro.

“It is a hardcore rap song celebrating the female voice. Four female rappers are featured together on a single track for the first time in Montenegro. The single is defined by its frenetic bass and impactful lyrical delivery. It expresses a clear urgency to confront persistently relevant societal issues, akin to banging one’s fist on the table”.

say from Beats per Montenegro

ANEMOI is a collaborative effort between several female rappers from the Knowhere2run team. Djulija Perishic, Sara Kurgash, Snezhana Nikchevic, Bojana Petrovic, Marija Bozhovic, and Nikola Rajovic provide the vocals and lyrics for the track.

“With Marija Bozhovic lending her voice to the chorus, ANEMOI brings together multiple generations of the Montenegrin rap scene. Labia, a frequent collaborator of Who See, and Apro trade verses with emerging talents from the latest generation, represented by Jutro and Kurgashian”.

Тodor Tadic and Nikola Rajovic composed the music for the song, collaborating with Marko Cacic on the arrangement. They recorded the audio track at Knowhere2run and Verandabeatz, and Knowhere2run also handled the audio mixing and mastering.

ANEMOI also has a super exciting video made by Atomic Production, directed by Ivan Chojbashic.

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