EXIT Festivals Draw a Big Heart on the Regional Map

EXIT фестивал

In the beginning, there was only EXIT. In its first years, the festival marked a historic milestone as the first large-scale gathering of young people following the conflicts of the 1990s, serving as a beacon of reconciliation in the Balkans region. Over the years, the festival has expanded its reach, organizing 50 events across 12 countries in just the past two years. EXIT remains deeply rooted in the Balkans region, symbolizing unity and solidarity. If we connect with a red pencil the pulse points of the EXIT regional events, including the recent addition of the Unity84 festival commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, we will get one big heart that symbolizes love and synergy, which EXIT spreads with its festivals in the areas of former Yugoslavia.

“It’s symbolic that the festival commemorating the anniversary of one of the greatest achievements of the former Yugoslavia serves as the final piece of our regional heart. The Olympics represent unity and a healthy spirit, values that are deeply ingrained in the DNA of our events.”

said Dushan Kovachevic, Founder and Director of the EXIT festival

The internationally acclaimed summer music festival, founded nearly a quarter of a century ago in 2000, continues to captivate audiences annually at one of the world’s most picturesque festival venues – the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. EXIT’s global renown stems from the illustrious names gracing its stages, the multitude of visitors coming from all corners of the globe, and the unmistakable and cherished magical energy that pervades the festival grounds.

From its inception, EXIT quickly garnered a reputation as a youth social movement, emerging as a cornerstone of reconciliation in the Balkans region. In its commitment to fostering values of peace and freedom, EXIT expanded its footprint beyond its parent festival in Novi Sad, spawning events such as No Sleep in Belgrade, Sea Dance and Ada Divine Awakening in Montenegro, Sea Star in Croatia, Get EXITed in Macedonia, and the newest addition to the EXIT family – Unity84 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together, these festivals stand as embodiments of universal love and co-creation within the Balkans region.

The regional unity embodied by EXIT is further exemplified in its animation, featuring the track “Universe” by Space Motion, one of the most successful producers from the Balkans region, alongside American singer JES. This symbolic choice underscores the collaborative spirit fostered by EXIT. “Universe,” the debut release on EXIT’s expanding label Soundscape, soared to the top of the leading Beatport Hype: Melodic House & Techno chart, maintaining its position for an impressive 12 consecutive weeks.

In addition to its regional festivals, EXIT also orchestrates numerous events across Europe and around the globe. In 2023 alone, the EXIT organization coordinated 24 events in 13 different cities spanning six countries worldwide. When combined with the events from 2022, this tally amounts to an impressive 50 events across 12 countries, drawing approximately a million visitors from all corners of the globe.

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