The Unique Soundscape of Alternative Pop

DrvoTruo промо во студиото на Шапат (Shapat) (превод: Шепот)

DrvoTruo, an “alternative pop” band, amalgamates diverse musical influences to craft a distinctive experience for listeners. Boasting over a decade of existence, the band has curated an extensive collection of original songs delving into various themes and emotions. This live session from Shapat (Šapat), serves as a testament to their musical virtuosity and the energetic ambiance characteristic of their performances.

“We’ve been closely monitoring Shapat’s work almost since its inception, and we genuinely appreciate it as a model for presenting the regional contemporary scene, filling a void we sensed. It serves as a connecting thread among bands, opening pathways and fostering possibilities for future collaborations. This model is devoid of commercial aspects, ageism (stereotypes, prejudices, and age discrimination), and retro elitism. It encompasses all participants in the process, and we are pleased that our enthusiasm, will, and resources are channeled directly or indirectly into a small festival where we all resonate on the same wavelength”.

Aleksandar Lipovan, the band’s guitarist.
DrvoTruo промо во студиото на Шапат (Shapat) (превод: Шепот)

He also added:

“We felt honored to receive an invitation, and our expectations for professionalism were not only met but exceeded. Every facet of Shapat’s work is, at the very least, commendable, and often approaches a superb level, considering the context in which they operate. All the bands we encountered not only sounded and looked fantastic but, most importantly, were promoted in a modern and multidisciplinary manner”.

Aleksandar Lipovan

Whether you’ve been a devoted fan of DrvoTruo for years or are just encountering their music, this is a chance to engage with their creativity in a fresh and exciting manner.

“We consistently deliver exceptional recording experiences, and this session with DrvoTruo is yet another example of a band that has surpassed our expectations in every aspect. Surviving and creating for over ten years in our dynamic environment is no small feat, adding more significance to our collective narrative. I trust that through the content we’ve collaboratively created, the band will reach a broader audience, unlocking new doors and opportunities.”

said Savo Kostic from Shapat

You can watch the full band, the interview, “Your Sound” and “Your Verse” on Shapat’s YouTube channel.

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