Masayah is a New Star on the Slovenian Music Sky

Masayah is an exceptionally talented Slovenian musician part of a new musical generation conquering the region. Hailing from Slovenia, her influence is gradually making its mark.

Mia Puhar Rodin hides behind the pseudonym Masayah (website). She is one of the most respected performers on the Slovenian hip-hop scene.

The new single “Bol Dol”

On 11/11/2023, Masayah debuted a new music video for her track titled “Bol Dol”. The song’s lyrics and music were crafted entirely by Masayah herself. The audio-mixing for “Bol Dol” was executed by Hyu, while ROdaH handled the mastering.

“Bol Dol” is the single from Masayah’s debut album – Zavedno.

The album, released on 16/04, is available on most digital music-sharing and streaming platforms.

Similar to many emerging music stars in the region, Masayah’s music and popularity started on online platforms like YouTube. Her unique style, lyrics, and performances characterize the singer’s reputation. Masayah actively involves herself in the creation process of most of her songs.

The singer is currently promoting her debut album titled “Zavedno,” which she released on 16/04/2023.

Masayah will Perform at to LIFT Festival in Croatia

On 24/11, the singer will join the lineup of musicians performing at the LIFT festival. The organizers recently established LIFT, a music festival held in Croatia. The primary objective of this festival is to promote and showcase emerging young musicians not only from Croatia but also from the surrounding region.

“I record my vocals myself in my studio, which allows me to envision the mix and sound I aim to achieve. People and life in general serve as my greatest sources of inspiration, encompassing the spectrum from positive to challenging experiences”.

said Masayah in an interview for

About the Artistic Name Masayah

The name of the twenty-two-year-old musician, Masayah, is a fusion of two words: “Messiah,” signifying a savior, and the African Masai tribe, renowned for its unique culture and music. The artist’s connection to this tribe traces back to childhood, sparked by the sight of spears and shields her father brought back as souvenirs from his travels through Africa.

Certainly, the Slovenian hip-hop music scene considers Masayah the future without a doubt. Her originality and liberated expression leave a powerful impact on the audience. Evaluations suggest that she holds the potential for a burgeoning regional career in the years ahead, contingent upon her continued releases of new music and performances within Slovenia and beyond its borders.

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