Voyage, Serbian Singer From Belgrade

Mihajlo Veruovic, known by his stage name Voyage, is a Serbian singer and actor who was born on 15/09/2001, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Voyage’s remarkable rise in the music industry stems from a challenging past. His journey commenced amidst the tumultuous backdrop of political upheaval in his homeland. His father, Milan Veruovic, displayed great courage and dedication as he served as Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic’s trusted bodyguard during this turbulent period.

photo of voyage
Photo taken from Voyage’s Instagram account

However, after the devastating tragedy in 2003, marked by the shocking assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, the Veruovic family went on an extraordinary journey. Fleeing their homeland, they sought refuge in the city of Strasbourg, France, where they resided until Mihajlo was eight years old.

Mihajlo’s passion for music was kindled during his early years in elementary school. In high school, he and his friends banded together to form a musical band called “Company.”

Their debut song, “Pridji blizhe,” marked the first musical offering from the newly established band, Company. Shortly after, in 2017, they followed up with another song titled “Do kraja“.

Generacija Zed and Collaboration with Breskvica

In the eventful year of 2019, the Serbian singer Voyage embarked on a collaboration with Generacija Zed, a production company through which he continues to release some of his songs. His debut appearance as a part of Generacija Zed was marked by the song “Otrovan,” which was released in May 2019, and in which he collaborated with Henny. Together with Henny, they delivered a message to all fans of the new music wave, often referred to as Gen-Z Pop. This song served as the inception of Voyage’s solo career, which has been steadily gaining momentum and impressing fans day by day.

During this period, Voyage not only found harmony in his music but also in love. His partnership with his girlfriend, Breskvica, garnered positive responses from their listeners. Their fruitful collaboration commenced with the songs “Vrati me” and “Budi tu“. Following these initial releases, Voyage and Breskvica joined forces with Vuk Mob to release a new track titled “Koraci u noci,” in December 2019. This song has amassed an incredible 47 million views on YouTube.

The couple continued to maintain a harmonious partnership through a series of songs until their love story concluded with “Beli grad“. In the interim, they released tracks like “C’est la vie,” “Dam,” “Bezimena,” “Pancir,” and “Аndjele“.

The New Beginning Of The Serbian Singer Voyage

The Serbian Singer Voyage, the rising star of the music scene, embarked on a new musical journey after parting ways with Breskvica. In April 2021, he made a significant impact on the music industry with his song “Pleshi,” featuring British artist J Fado as a guest. This track captivated audiences worldwide and was notably featured in the movie “Juzhni Vetar 2”.

In July 2021, Voyage released two tracks, “Kartel” and “Bounce,” within just two days. His collaboration with Greek rapper Snik on the single “Bounce” set the charts ablaze, ultimately claiming the top spot on the IFPI Greek Digital Singles Chart.

As the year progressed, Voyage remained in the spotlight. Collaborating with renowned Serbian rapper Rasta, they dropped the single “Aman,” swiftly followed by “Balkan,” a track featuring Nucci. In November, Voyage embarked on a tour of the United States, where he shared the stage with artists like Nucci, Rimski, and Korona.

Voyage In The “U Klinchu” Series

In August 2022, Voyage grabbed headlines once more when he joined the cast of the TV series “U klinchu,” which was broadcast on Radio Television of Serbia. The series had been highly anticipated by the public, primarily due to Voyage’s prominent role in it.

In the series, the Serbian singer Voyage shares the screen with famous actors Nikola Kojo and Branka Katic. The announcement of Voyage’s involvement in the project sent waves of excitement through the public, leaving fans eager to see this power trio in action on the small screen.

Discography Of The Serbian Singer Voyage


  • Sechanja (2019)
  • Trebala (2019)
  • Vrati me (2019)
  • Budi tu (2019)
  • Koraci u noci (2019)
  • C’est la vie (2020)
  • Dam (2020)
  • Bezimena (2020)
  • Pancir (2020)
  • Andjele (2020)
  • Beli grad (2021)
  • Pleshi (2021)
  • Kartel (2021)
  • Bounce (2021)
  • Aman (2021)
  • Balkan (2021)
  • Euforija (2021)
  • Uloge (2021)
  • Detinjstvo (2022)
  • Gad (2022)
  • Tango (2022)
  • London (2022)
  • I Miei Amici (2022)
  • Писмо (2022)
  • La La La (2022)
  • Bela Hadid (2023)
  • Garava (2023)
  • Mafia (2023)
  • Blue Racks (2023)
  • Svrati (2023)
  • Block Life (2023)


  • Porok i Greh (2019)
  • Europol (2022/23)
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