The Kid LAROI x Jung Kook x Central Cee - Too Much

“Too Much” by The Kid LAROI, Jung Kook and Central Cee

Too Much” is the new song by The Kid LAROI featuring Jung Kook and Central Cee. Music listeners were amazed by this combination of artists from three continents.

“Too Much” is a pop song with rap elements. While The Kid LAROI and Jung Kook are primarily pop artists, Central Cee contributes to the rap moment in this song.

The song was released on 20/10/2023 and in less than 3 days it had almost 8 million views on YouTube. It is also available on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.

Like many music videos from famous artists, including those from this song, this video is also of high quality. The video captivates viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged. It is dynamic and features great shots that complement the song’s rhythm.

Briefly on the Artists

The Kid laroi

The Kid LAROI is an artist born in Australia. Despite his young age of only 20, he has already achieved immense popularity with songs that have garnered billions of views. One of his notable tracks is “Stay,” a collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Jung Kook

Jung Kook, born in South Korea, is a member of the internationally renowned band BTS. Despite English not being his native language, his proficiency shines through in his work. In addition to a career together with the members of BTS, he released numerous hit songs as a solo artist.

“Seven” is his most famous song with more than 900 million streams on Spotify.

Central cee

British rapper Central Cee, known for his strong presence in rap and drill music, contributes to the song “Too Much,” lending it authenticity with his distinctive accent and lyrical skills.

Central Cee’s distinctive style and presence make him a daily attraction for his female fans.

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