Rose City Music Festival 2024 Lineup

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The Rose City Music Festival is a significant music event for Tyler, Texas. It’s a US music festival that mostly supports the local music scene. The festival often features both established and emerging artists from various genres like country, blues, rock, folk, and more.

If you want to explore the diverse Rose City festival lineup, get ready for exceptional live performances, workshops, vendors, and many other activities that promote the music culture of Texas.

When is the Rose City Music Festival 2024?

For now (March 2024), there is no official announcement about the 2024 Rose City Festival dates and times. Still, the festival is usually held in mid-October, so we can expect that the Rose City Festival will be held in October 2024.

Where is the Rose City Festival Held?

The usual location is around the downtown square in Tyler, Texas. Use the Smith County Courthouse as a reference. But once you’re there, you’ll easily find the stages and food booths, so it won’t be difficult to spot the event.

What Music Genres Does Rose City Music Festival Cover?

Based on the information available from the 2023 festival’s lineup, the Rose City Music Festival in Tyler, Texas, covers many genres, so it attracts a broad audience. In 2023, there were artists covering genres like country, hip-hop, EDM, contemporary pop, and many others. 

To ensure that it will be the same this year, we suggest you regularly check on this article, as we’ll cover the lineup as soon as there are some rumors or an official announcement.

Participation Lineup for the 2024 Rose City Festival

The full festival lineup is still not available now (March 2023). Since the festival is in October, we can expect some rumors to appear soon, as well as official confirmation for specific acts. 

Still, bookmark this lineup guide so you do not miss the announcement.

How Much Do the Tickets for the Rose City Festival Cost?

The tickets for the 2024 act aren’t available right now, but you can always sign up for notification, in order not to miss the sales.

Based on previous editions, here are the average prices, considering they may vary each year:

  • VIP tickets offer the most benefits (early entry, food samples, t-shirt, drinks, private area) and cost $220 the most .
  • General Admission includes food samples and access to the concert for $140.
  • Concert-only tickets are the most affordable at $110 and grant entry to the concert only, with no food or other perks.

Rose City Music Festival Lineup by Day 

Be patient! It’s too early for the October lineup. There aren’t any rumors to raise hopes for specific acts and performances. 

Don’t worry. Once the lineup is official, we’ll update this section appropriately.

Important Information about Rose City Fest 2024

In general, the festival is a celebration of Tyler, Texas, and it often takes place in October. Some portion of the profits go to organizations that support local police.

The festival covers interesting genres and performances, and each edition is unique.

Still, this information is based on the 2023 festival. Specific details for the 2024 event, especially regarding the lineup and ticket prices, are not available yet.

Rose City Music Festival Videos

Enjoy the authentic atmosphere by watching these videos. We’re sure that you’ll wait for the tickets and lineups to be announced so you can secure your spot.

Look at the exceptional photos that perfectly capture the atmosphere and character of this festival. 

Previous Years Rose City Festival Lineups

While we wait for the official announcement, we can take a look at the previous editions. This way we can learn more about what to expect from the 2024 Rose City Fest lineup.

Rose City Music Festival 2023 Lineup

It seems that the 2023 edition was a perfect mix of genres and performances. Knowing that Ludacris and Whiskey Myers took the main acts, we’re sure that people had a great time in Tyler.

Rose City Music Festival 2022 Lineup

The 2022 edition happened on 8 October, with Nelly as the main act of the festival. Keep in mind that this is a one-day festival with only one stage, so there aren’t many performers.

Similar Festivals to Rose City

While Rose City is a unique festival, some similar events can be compared with it. Starting with Coachella, then Tortuga, Cali Vibes, and Escape Halloween – there is always something exciting happening in the US.


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