„Can’t Get Enough“ by TOBY and Stimulus

Toby, Stimulus - Can't Get Enough - cover image

“Can’t Get Enough “by TOBY feat. Stimulus is a comeback of the Turkish singer, songwriter, and producer as a follow-up to his 2022 singles “Let Me Love You” and “Got It All,” released by Turkey’s biggest publishing house, Avrupa Muzik.

Tolga “TOBY” Mazhar declares a new musical direction with his latest single, “Can’t Get Enough,” featuring Brooklyn-born (USA) rapper Stimulus. He is best known for being discovered at a young age by Mark Ronson, a producer and songwriter known for his work with artists such as Amy Winehouse and Miley Cyrus. Stimulus was also one of the first artists to participate in the famous show “COLORS” with his song “Good” featuring The Real Live Show! and Casey Benjamin.

TOBY and Stimulus’ “Can’t Get Enough” is an intimate R&B track featuring lead acoustic guitar and percussive drums that dictate the mood and groove of the song. When asked about the simplicity of the arrangement, TOBY responded with:

“I wanted the song to be felt as intimate as possible, just like the listener is standing right next to us.”

TOBY’s frequent collaborator, Bennet Lewis Jackson, mastered the song.

“A lot of new music is on the way; I finally decided to open the safe. I’m trying to put together a cohesive project.”

says TOBY, who promises this single is a precursor to his upcoming solo album.
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