MTEL and Password Production Form a Strategic Partnership for Raising Cultural Events


The telecommunications operator MTEL announced a collaboration with Password Production, making MTEL an official supporter of the production company’s events. Marko Lopichic, MTEL’s general director, announced the partnership at a press conference and expressed enthusiasm for supporting the D Festival, which has been held in Dojran, North Macedonia, for over a decade.

Lopicic emphasized MTEL’s recognition of D Fest as a genuine cultural brand, expressing the company’s pride in sponsoring an event primarily targeting young people.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the beginning of our cooperation with Password Production. As a telecommunications company focused on connecting and looking to the future through technology, our collaboration with Password Production aligns perfectly with their tireless work in organizing some of Macedonia’s most successful and visited events, concerts, and festivals. We look forward to all the joint projects that will come from this partnership.

See you at the D Festival!”

announced MTEL on their Facebook profile.

The partnership extends beyond D Fest, with MTEL becoming an official partner of other major events organized by Password Production, such as Taksirat and the PIN Music Conference. Thanks to MTEL’s support, D Festival will offer a “4+1” ticket promotion for those over 30 and free entry for children under ten. Additionally, inviting 20 journalists to cover the festival will enhance media coverage and develop media culture.

Login Kochishki, the executive director of Password Production, elaborated on the upcoming events within the framework of this partnership.

Celebrating its 14th year, D Festival entertained over 130,000 visitors with performances by more than 400 artists. This year’s event, scheduled for June 28-30, 2024, in Dojran, North Macedonia, will feature 11 renowned musical performers and various activities for all ages and generations.

The collaboration between MTEL and Password Productions significantly enhances the cultural scene. It promises improved experiences for festival-goers and greater media engagement.

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