Knowere2Run presents “Domaca Rabota”

Knowere2Run Domaca Rabota

Domaca Rabota” (Translation: Homework) is a new music compilation coming from the Knowere2Run production team. Todor Tadic and Marko Cacic are the music and production team of Knowere2Run studio. On this edition, they present 20 brand new songs made in collaboration with various Montenegrin artists. Knowhere2Run is a production team hailing from Podgorica.

Domaca Rabota” offers a musical path through different dimensions of hip-hop sound and urban influences. Here you will find a rich spectrum of vocal styles, which alternate and present their stories in a unique way through each song. Each track on the album is a musical journey, with a modern sound that is easy to absorb. From rhythmic and infectious tapes that make you move, to emotional introspective stories that go deep – “Domaca Rabota” brings diversity and quality on a special level.

Apart from several music veterans the compilation also focuses on bringing a few notable up-and-comers to the music scene.

As guests, we have new ladies on the stage: Jutro and Kurgashian, who bring freshness and energetic new female voices. In addition to the veterans Dede from Who See Klapa, Sivil and Random, we also have the sonic return of the JJ Okocha team as well as many other, new voices of performers who have been on the scene for some time (Poetik, Lerdifon, Necke, Dobbla Galiot, Ronaldo Maximum, Skoveche and Ricky among others).

This compilation is not only a challenge to the ear but also to the mind. It puts Montenegro on the map of contemporary urban sound and sends a strong message about the creativity and innovation that is born through collaborations in this part of the Balkans. Be open to “Homework” because this is more than just a compilation album.

Homework cover

This is an extremely productive period for the Montenegrin production team. Recently they presented the single “Proba” the latest song by rapper Marko “Random” Lubarda.

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