“So na Rane” by MC Stojan and Glavash

The renowned Serbian singer MC Stojan, together with Glavash, has released a new song. Titled “So na rane,” this track marks their second collaboration. It was officially released on 17/10/2023, through MC Stojan’s YouTube channel.

The new song “So na rane” presents a departure from MC Stojan’s typical style. The rhythm and singing manner in this song are reminiscent of popular global hits, deviating from his usual cheerful and distinctive singing style.

This song is reminiscent of MC Stojan’s previous collaboration with Glavash in “Sta ces s njim,” which was released two months ago and is the most recent song by MC Stojan.

The song “So na rane” is accompanied by a music video that was released simultaneously with the song. The video was created by the directors Luka Jakovljevic and Petar Kastratovic.

Glavash plays a significant role in the creation of the song “So na rane.” He is responsible for the music, lyrics, and arrangement. Kaichi contributed to the lyrics of the song. Sasha Dinic handled the audio-mixing and mastering, while Vanja Cirkovic provided accompanying vocals that enhance the song.

Briefly on MC Stojan

MC Stojan’s music has certainly resonated with a wide audience, as demonstrated by the impressive view counts on his popular songs. “La Miami” with 146 million views and “Alo” with 56 million views are clear examples of his musical success. His career, which began in 2005, has seen him become a well-known artist across the Balkans and beyond.

MC Stojan has a history of successful collaborations with a range of artists from the Balkan music scene. Some of his notable collaborations include Hurricane, Teodora Dzehverovic, Pajak, Tijana Em, and Breskvica.

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