Biba & Seksi – “Patron” Is Their New Song

The guys from Crni Cerak have released a new song, but this time the third member of the band, Ourmoney is missing. “Patron” is the name of the new song by Biba and Seksi.

Biba and Seksi announced the song on Instagram on 14/09/2023. Although it is not uncommon to have negative comments and reactions, the new song “Patron” was liked by the majority of fans.

The premiere of the song “Patron” was on 30/09/2023 along with the music video that is characteristic of these guys. The video’s author is Kosta Crnobrnja, who also edited the video for the song “Top” by Biba.

Although Biba and Seksi are part of the band Crni Cerak, they work and make music as independent authors and perform also independently. Both have their own songs as solo artists that have become hits and count millions of views.

Biba and his lyrics are more emotional when compared to Seksi’s lyrics and songs. His most famous song, “Top” released this summer, is just an indication of that. Biba has an album under the name “422” as the second part of the “420” EP. The song “Mango” is his last song. Read more info here.

The lyrics and music for the song “Patron” are by the artists themselves, Djordje Bibic – Biba and Relja Despotovic – Seksi. The audio-mixing, mastering, and arrangement are by Kela, who has been with Crni Cerak since the beginning. 11808 worked together with Kela on the beat for the song “Patron”.

The song “Patron” is also available on all popular music streaming platforms.

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